On the Ropes brought seven fighters to the third annual Atlanta Classic, a females only amateur boxing event hosted by Sweet Science Boxing Club in Atlanta, GA. What a great experience! For some of our fighters, this was their first sanctioned event. We can’t thank Sweet Science Boxing Club enough for putting on such a well-executed, safe event for all of our athletes.

Several fighters came home with championship belts and the team was awarded the “Best Overall Team” accolade. We’re so proud of how all of our fighters performed; the experience everyone gained was invaluable. As we prepare for future events, we’ll take the lessons learned from this tournament and use them to our advantage. This is just the beginning!


Jaime “The Hurricane" Clampitt-Hayes is one of the most decorated female boxers of all time, electrifying fans across the nation.

The four-time world champ finished her 13-year pro career with a 22-5-1 record.

Now, she will be inducted to the International Boxing Women's Hall of Fame this summer.

"It means a lot because of all of the years and dedication I put into the sport,” Clampitt-Hayes told Sports Team 10. “I think recognizing female boxers and female athletes is huge, and it's a huge success for me.”

For Clampitt-Hayes, moving from her home town of Canada to Rhode Island has been a game changer for her boxing career.

Clampitt-Hayes first came to the Ocean State as an opponent in the early 2000s. She then befriended and signed with Jimmy Burchfield, of CES Boxing, and even trained with Vinny Paz.

"I wouldn't have had the career if I didn’t come here,” she said. “The boxers in New England are so dedicated and the fans here are so dedicated. I really just believe that I wouldn't have had that career if I stayed where I...