Our Team


Jaime is co-owner of On the Ropes Boxing and Fitness and is the lead boxing coach. Jaime is a four-time world champion female boxer, level 2 USA Boxing coach, certified personal trainer, holistic health coach and WBFF competitor. Jaime is also a vegan and is certified in plant-based cooking.

Originally from Saskatchewan, Canada, Jaime won two Canadian national amateur boxing title before turning pro in 2000. Jaime moved to Rhode Island...


Kathy is co-owner, USA boxing coach and a certified personal trainer for On the Ropes Boxing and Fitness. Looking for a new and exciting form of exercise, Kathy began boxing in 2014 and quickly discovered the supportive community, healthy lifestyle and incredible workouts boxing brought to her life. In May of 2015, Kathy fought in her first amateur boxing fight with the Haymakers for Hope organization, raising thousands of dollars to...


Amy is co-owner and lead fitness coach at On the Ropes Boxing and Fitness. Amy has been in the fitness industry for 18 years and is a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist through Athletics and Fitness Association of America and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She has certifications in Practical Pilates, Hard Style Kettlebells and Bodyweight Strength. For the past 15 years, Amy has trained and competed in both...


Tracy is co-owner, USA boxing coach and certified personal trainer at On the Ropes Boxing and Fitness. She is also the Fight Manager, or as the fighters refer to her as ,"The Momager" to all of the amateur fighters, and to Jaime "The Hurricane "

Tracy’s journey to improve her health began in late 2012, when she weighed in at 415lbs at a routine physical. Since then, Tracy’s journey has been nothing short of amazing and life changing....