Kathy Lyons

Kathy is co-owner, USA boxing coach and a certified personal trainer for On the Ropes Boxing and Fitness. Looking for a new and exciting form of exercise, Kathy began boxing in 2014 and quickly discovered the supportive community, healthy lifestyle and incredible workouts boxing brought to her life. In May of 2015, Kathy fought in her first amateur boxing fight with the Haymakers for Hope organization, raising thousands of dollars to support cancer research. After Haymakers, Kathy was hooked and has participated in several exhibitions as well as two additional sanctioned fights, winning her first belt in 2016 at the Rocky Marciano Masters tournament.

When she’s not at the gym, Kathy likes to spend time with her wife of 33 years, Sandy, and their two golden retrievers. Kathy is a Deputy Warden with the Rhode Island Department of Corrections.

Fun Fact: Kathy's first boxing match was at age 50!